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What is the "One Call Close" Approach?

The "One Call Close" is a sales strategy I was forced to develop when selling partnerships for a Fortune 500 client. Over the last 10 years I have refined the approach down to a simple set of fundamentals you can use to get a decision in any business development conversation.

What is in The "One Call Close" Course?

  • Moduled Training - 4 precise, step-by-step video trainings explaining what to do and why to do it 
  • Core Sales Call Framework - A simple outline for all sales conversations. ONE sheet of paper, draw TWO lines, make THREE sections 
  • How to Handle the Inital Call - We call these "problem calls". Identify the core issue and get a decision immediately
  • How to Handle the Follow-Up Call - We call these "solutions calls". Often times, we don't need to use them
  • Word-for-word templates and scripts - With guidance on how to make it your own. 
  • Private Group for "One Call Closers" - This is our special place to discuss issues, challenges, wins and losses. It is where we practice and refine the fundamentals BEFORE we get in front of a client with a big project on the line. 

Special Bonuses

  • Bonus Module #1: Instant Premium Pricing - How to instantly create a premium price for your services that is fair to you and your client  
  • Bonus Module #2: Instant Productizing - Every consultant MUST have two concrete offers in their business...create them NOW  
  • Bonus Module #3: Instant Lead Generation - How to create your next “sales call” in the next 24 hours (no cold calling)  

When you complete this page you can expect a personal welcome from me, Alzay Calhoun, within 24 hours. If you experience ANY trouble, email me - alzay [at] - Looking forward to it!